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Whether you need cloud or basic hosting, combined email and hosting, dedicated email or other email and hosting services, we can help you select and setup the right services. Call us at 415.439.5900 or email us at today to discuss your needs.

Where will your site and email be hosted?
We have been working with offices to get them setup with the right hosting and email services since 1997 - but, because these services are so specialized and uptime and access to support are so critical, we only work with companies that have the expertise and infructure necessary to do so, such as those listed below. We do not host your site and email ourselves. With this approach, as an added bonus, you get twice the support. That is, we set up our clients with a direct relationship with the hosting and email company so that they have ready access to support from us and from their provider.

Hosting and Email Services

We can help with the setup of dedicated hosting or combined hosting and email based on your needs. Some of the hosting providers we work with include: GoDaddy [visit site], Network Solutions [visit site], Verio [visit site], BlueHost [visit site] and established local hosting providers.

We look for hosting and combined hosting and email providers that offer you:

  • Reliability: Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Spam Filtering: Spam filtering tools and options
  • Security: Hosting that provides a secure enviroment
  • Regular Backups: Protecting your files from loss or corruption
  • Speed: Your pages come up quickly for your visitors
Dedicated Email Solutions

With your email being so important, you might want to consider setting up an email solution with a provider that specializes in email. To help you with this, we work with the following email providers: Microsoft Exchange Online [visit site] and Gmail for Business [visit site].

We look for email providers that offer you:

  • Reliability: Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Spam Filtering: Spam filtering tools and options
  • Security: Email in a secure enviroment
  • Regular Backups: Protecting your email from loss or corruption
Mass Mailing Solutions
It is important to always use an Email Service Provider (ESP) for mass emails. You don't want to use your business email to send these. That is because it is very easy to get blocked and keeping a mail server from being blacklisted when sending mass emails is something ESP’s specialize in. They also provide great statistics on your open, click and bounce rates and list management tools. Here are a few providers to try:

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