Our People

Peter Barzo, Partner
Peter Barzo
Director of Internet Services
Tel. 415.439.5900
Email. pbarzo@popinteractive.com

Peter has worked in the Internet and technology industries for over 25 years, pioneering the use of interactive and online technologies to meet the marketing and communication needs of both small and large companies.

In addition to being co-founder of POP, Peter currently serves as Director of Internet Services. In this position, he assists POP's clients in the formulation of their web and mobile strategies and project plans. He also manages POP's partnership programs.

Peter's past accomplishment include serving as President of successful companies in the technology industry including International Computer Equipment and Internet Corporation. He has worked with companies such as American Express Travel and Bank of America in developing innovative methods for using the latest technology to communicate with their customers.

Peter has appeared as a guest speaker and presented seminars on the Internet for companies such as IBM and Intel. Peter holds a degree in Business from the University of Akron.

It is also worth noting that Peter Barzo registered the Federal Trademark for Internet® in 1984 (and you thought Al Gore invented the Internet!)