Identity & Logo

Corporate Identity & Logo Design

Services & Capabilities. We work with companies looking to establish an identity for the first time—and with companies seeking to evolve an existing identity. Our services include offering corporate identity and logo design services integrated with our website and mobile design services.

Services Overview:

  • Corporate Identity
    • Corporate identity package consulting
    • Identity usage guidelines development:
      • Logo
      • Typography
      • Color
    • New media identity packages (websites, icons, etc.)
  • Logo Design
    • New logo design
    • Logo redesign (revolutionary and evolutionary changes)
  • Identity and Brand Driven Web and Mobile Design
    • Integrated logo, identity and web design services
    • Website design services include:
      • Graphic design
      • Interface design
      • Usability
Logo Design Process

Our logo design process typically includes the following steps:

  • Logo Design
    • Review and/or define company image
    • Identify logo vision and expectations
    • Create & present initial logo concepts (number presented varies based on client needs)
    • Refine selected logo based on feedback
    • Finalize logo
  • Logo Production
    • Digital/Web/Mobile version(s)
    • Color print version(s)
    • Greyscale print version(s)
    • Reversed version(s)