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Site Enhancements

 Update & upgrade you site with these popular features

Site Enhancements & Recruiting Tools

Popular Site Enhancements & Recruiting Tools

If you've had your website for a while, it is probably time to update and enhance it. Here are some of the latest and most popular features available. Not sure which are right for you, contact us today for a free consultation.

New Website Lead Tracking Feature:
Discover Which Companies are Visiting Your Current Website

See the exact companies and clients that are visiting your website with this Website Lead Tracking site enhancement. Feature setup includes (can be setup in almost any standalone website):

  • Google Analytics Setup: Includes Real Time website statistics
  • Integrated Website Leads Tool Setup: Provides names of companies visiting your site
       (Premium options available for monthly fee)

One-time setup fee [starting from $250]
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Under $100:

  • Add Recruiter Profiles to Your Site [from $25/profile]
  • Social Media Sharing Tools [from $95]
  • Animated Testimonials [from $95]
  • Add Video [from $95]
  • Update Your Photos [from $95]

Under $300:

  • Add a Submit Resume or Request Information Form [$100]
  • Newsfeeds [from $150]
  • Google Analytics Setup [from $175]
  • Social Media Image Pack [from $195]
  • Website Lead Tracking Setup [from $250]

Under $750:

  • Job Posting: POINT&POST Jobs Express - Mobile Version [$395]
  • Job Posting: POINT&POST Jobs Express - Website Version [$495]
  • Job Posting: POINT&POST Jobs Board with Jobs Search - Mobile Version [$495]
  • Job Posting: POINT&POST Jobs Board with Jobs Search - Website Version [$695]

Add job postings to your site with our POINT&POST Jobs Board or Jobs Express. Both of these options can be set up on any website and are integrated with MRINetwork.

Fees & Options
Stand-Alone License and Setup Fee
- Website Version
- Mobile Version
- Both Website and Mobile Versions


Included with Purchase
of MRINetwork Website Packages:
Monthly Hosting Fees as Low As:
- Website Version
- Mobile Version
- Both Website and Mobile Versions


Post jobs to your site via MRINetwork Y Y
Post jobs directly to your site Y Y
Can be added to ANY site Y Y
Post jobs from anywhere at anytime Y Y
No software to install - only requires a browser and web access Y Y
New accounts set up within 24 hours Y Y
No technical knowledge or training required Y Y
Telephone orientation & support provided Y Y
Website Features
Search ALL jobs NA Y
Search by keywords NA Y
Search by location NA Y
Search by industry NA Y
View ALL jobs Y Y
View detailed job descriptions Y Y
Sort by Date, Location or Title NA Y
Email job to a friend Option Option
Posting & Administrative Features
Add new jobs Y Y
Refresh jobs Y Y
Edit jobs Y Y
Copy jobs Y Y
Delete jobs Y Y
View existing jobs Y Y
View job posting statistics Y Y
Edit account information Y Y
Change password Y Y
Edit job search page text Y Y
Automatic job expiration Y Y
Help screen Y Y

Social Media
Social Media Icons

Need help with social media? We have a number of services to help you make the most of your social media presence. These services include:

Social Media Integration

  • Setup your site to link to your social media pages
  • Setup your site to allow visitors to share your content on their social medial apges

Social Media Page Setup

  • Consulting services for setup of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Logo and image packages: We can provide the artwork you need for your social pages
Video & Multimedia

Add impact to your site by adding video. We can add your own video or one of MRINetwork's videos to your site.

Our multimedia services include:

  • Adding video to your site
  • Adding live webcasts and podcasts
  • Adding Flash or other multimedia

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Interested in learning more or ordering?

Submit online request, email us at info@popinteractive.com or call us at  415.439.5900